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What is Strategic Planning?

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What do most successful businesses have in common? They have spent time creating, and regularly updating, a strategic plan that establishes where they want the company to go, charts the steps required to get there, and identifies the financial resources necessary to reach those objectives.

Even the most innovative business idea can fall flat quickly without a growth and operational strategy built by those with hands-on experience. Including the financial expertise of WTB Accounting will bring new ideas to the table, help you decide on future expansion opportunities and even provide input on when it makes sense to consider a merger or acquisition strategy to gain greater market exposure.

What Are the Advantages of Strategic Planning?

Get Pricing & Cost Input

Once action plans are established, WTB can help calculate the investment needed for each one, ensuring an accurate budget is established.

Receive accurate projections

Before jumping in with both feet, it is important to know the financial implications of your plan, including  creating and reviewing detailed forecast profit & loss statements.

Establish important metrics

Having input from experts who have served in a CFO role for other successful businesses allows WTB to design metrics and KPIs to track the success of your strategies and know when to make changes. 

Receive reality checks

Optimism is great, but sometimes a solid reality check is in order too. WTB can help you understand what goals are attainable and which need to be scaled back to avoid set-backs. 

Entrepreneurial Mindset

What Does WTB Bring to Your Conference Table?

This is not our first rodeo. Most effective entrepreneurs know that the input of experienced partners will only make their business stronger and speed their company’s trajectory. At WTB, we seek out people with experience successfully running the financial side of businesses and bring our own entrepreneurial mindset to your work. We aren’t here to be a buzzkill, but to offer practical advice, accurate financial insight, and strategic input that you can’t get from most outsourced accounting teams.

We truly partner with the clients we take on, judging our success by theirs. Rapidly growing companies must be nimble and make informed decisions quickly, and we are there to arm you with the information you need to grab that opportunity or move into that new market. As our name indicates, our work is honest, practical and “without the bullsh*t” which we’ve found most business owners appreciate.

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How Can We Help?

If you think your business needs to invest in some strategic planning, or you simply have questions about the benefits it could provide for your company, send us a note. We will be happy to set up a time to tell you more about what we do and learn about your business too.

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