Outsourced CFO, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

A Chief Financial Officer's responsibilities are to elevate a company’s financial strategy by implementing advanced forecasts or systems and  help a company overcome a financial challenge. 

We can help you.

We are experts in industry analysis, financial strategy, maximizing profits and have experience in a variety of businesses across the world. If you are facing cashflow problems, want to accelerate growth or need to raise capital, our team can help.


Day to Day Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable;


WTB Accounting uses staff accountants to perform the majority of the day to day accounting, this includes entering and reconciling the bank accounts and credit cards, entering invoices and payments, entering bills and setting up bill payments on a routine cadence with approval processes. We utilize bill pay or bill.com to pay bills. 

Month End / Year End Close

WTB Accounting each and every month reconciles every single balance sheet account. This is the only way to truly know that your numbers are 100% complete and accurate on a monthly basis. At year end we are able to efficiently and effectively make all of the final year end entry adjustments and prepare all of the proper documents for the tax accountants to process taxes as efficiently as possible. Our goal at year end is for the business owners to have the peace of mind knowing their taxes are taken care of with minimal need for their involvement and that their tax accountants have the information timely and accurately in a “red ribbon package”.

Financial Statements 

WTB Accounting delivers managerial style financials. We do not just provide a QuickBooks printout of an income statement and balance sheet. Instead, our reporting is better organized with a polished professional feel that will provide outsiders such as bankers confidence that your business is organized and well managed. 

Budgeting / Forecasting

WTB Accounting works directly with you and your management team to build a bottom up detail driven budget / forecast model that can be used to measure business goals and performance expectations on a monthly cadence. We take a deep dive into our analysis each month as we look at actual vs. budget reporting. This helps you know what adjustments need to be made in order to to hit your budget. Your bank balance is rarely the best indicator of the health of your business.

KPI’s / Industry Metrics / Modeling

WTB Accounting works diligently to learn your business inside and out so that we can put together the right reporting and tools in order to drive success. Maybe you need to better understand your gross profit by service offering, or your staff’s utilization by person in order to understand why you aren’t performing as well as you like. We customize any reporting to your needs and add value by helping you track and measure the important things in your business. 

13 Week Cash Flow

Most of our clients in some way use our 13 week or monthly cash flow reports to help keep their business on the path of financial success. The most important function of this report is to help manage expenditures and also identify possible problems weeks or months before they occur. If you don’t know that you will get tight on cash until its too late it can lead to catastrophic failure. However, with our reporting you can know weeks or months in advance and we can partner to find a solution together to manage through the tough situations. 

Best Practice / Accounting Processes

Is your accounting department currently unorganized or have you experienced fraud. Let's stop that right in its tracks! WTB Accounting has and will implement for your business all of the proper best practice accounting processes which will help give you peace of mind that your business is operating accurately and efficiently so you don’t have to lose sleep at night worrying about those things. All of our processes are efficient and have internal controls to prevent risk. 

CFO / Strategic Planning / Executive Meetings

Our CFO level services provide high quality leadership to your executive team. Need someone with multiple industry and big business experience to help you make better business decisions or be another seat at the table in your annual or quarterly executive team meetings? Look no further as WTB Accounting will travel or can remotely work with you at any time to help you make tough decisions or understand the pros and cons of a decision.  Adding a CFO to your team even if it’s a once a year check in will better improve your business's performance. 

Acquisition Strategy / Exit Planning

Are you trying to grow your business and thinking about making strategic acquisitions? We have team members that can help you perform due diligence and understand how to put together a valuation to make sure you pay the right price for what you are getting. With our diligence a risky investment can be avoided. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell your business, normally this takes a year or two to plan out.  We can help you get everything organized and prepared to ensure you go to market with a clean, well-structured business that will get you the highest valuation.  We are able to help take you from start to finish with either process, acquiring or selling.